Fire On The Inside

by Don Campau

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All money raised will go to Oxfam for Nepal relief.
A song written and recorded on 25 April 2015. This was the day of the large earthquake in Nepal that took many lives and created havoc.
Please consider a donation to Oxfam or a charity of your choice:

photo of Mt Everest by


Don Campau
Fire On The Inside
completed 4-25-15

Don Campau: guitars, bass, vocals, lyrics
Skot Stickler: drums
dedicated to the people of Nepal

there’s a fire on the inside
there’s a tremor in my hand but it isn’t in my hand
the himalayas are now shaking
get ready to run but there’s no time to go
ancient buildings are now falling
i hear the cries of the people stuck in the rubble
the city has now crumbled
watch out, the temple’s falling now

there’s a tired man who is digging in the dirt
is that a sound or was it just another shock
with the power and the lights gone
keep searching, keep hoping
cause you never really know

well there’s a fire on the outside
stand back the quake isn’t over
the earth isn’t finished yet
it’s got a long way to go
and mother earth doesn’t care now
and never has you know
we’re just a temporary species
holding on to what we’ve got
but our grip is slipping badly
and the hanging rope is knotted

there’s a fire on the inside
look out, get out of the way
everest is coming down
and everything is going to break


released April 25, 2015
Don Campau: guitar, bass, vocals, lyrics
Skot Stickler: drums
recorded on 4-25-15 in Santa Rosa California



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Don Campau

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